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ION - GX Tecnology

A joint venture of GXT and Bratexco, GX Technology Processamento de Dados Ltda. began operating in early 2011 to provide advanced imaging services to E&P companies operating in the highly prospective basins off the coasts of Brazil and environs.

The center delivers a broad range of advanced seismic processing services for land, marine, ocean bottom cable (OBC), and transition zone (TZ) data. The full scope of services includes data conditioning, noise attenuation and multiple suppression, velocity model building, and state-of-the-art imaging algorithms, such as GXT's proprietary Reverse Time Migration (RTM). Like all GXT’s processing centers, the Rio de Janeiro center utilizes the same technology as the main Houston processing center and liaises with the Geophysical Advisor group in Houston to ensure the best possible image is our standard deliverable item.

Whether working with complex geologies or unconventional reservoirs, GXT enable our clients to reduce the risk and cost of hydrocarbon exploration and development by delivering the highest quality seismic data processing services. Our seasoned experts provide oil & gas companies with the tools necessary to better define and resolve subsurface challenges, no matter how difficult or where they exist. As a recognized pioneer in pre-stack depth migration, GX Technology continues to drive industry breakthroughs in key areas such as complex-azimuth, RTM and full-wave processing. With our suite of wide azimuth (WAZ) tools, we help to unlock the potential of reservoirs in both marine and land environments.

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